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    05 / 19 / 2015

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This tree trunk was pointing straight up until two days ago. It bent in half over night. No cracks or tears in the wood. All looks good except for the way it is bent over. What happened to my little tree? Do I need to cut it down?


  • stone Master Identifier says:

    Yeah, the weight of the leaves got to be too much. This is a major problem with trees that have been over-limbed… Think lollipop. The tree is a funny shape… You still have options. 1) cut the bent portion off. I’d cut it high, and then go back and cut it to the trunk. 2) You can tie it up, and or stake it. I understand the importance of providing shade to the deck… but… If you decide to replace the tree… I’d plant it a little bit further away from the deck.

    May 20th, 2015 at 3:53pm

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