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    06 / 29 / 2021

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    South Carolina

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Elephant ear grown from bulb labeled as Colocasia? Second is miscellaneous plant purchase from Lowe's, have no idea what it is.


  • laura735 Master Identifier says:

    Both plants are in the Colocasia genus. Regrettably I can’t tell the plant in the foreground is the species C. esculenta or one of its hybrid.
    The “Second” one with wavy leaves in the back ground, maybe a hybrid called ‘Coffee Cups’? There is another hybrid with similar look named ‘ Bikini-tini’. Again I can’t tell which one and only speculating, although I’m leaning toward ‘Coffee Cups (?). Flowers can also confirm the genus for you. Copy & paste the included link below for ‘Coffee Cups’ information . Best wishes!
    On the side note the common name ‘Elephant ear’ is also used for another genus, the Alocasia. If you want to look up this plant’s genus for more information, best to use its scientific name ‘Colocasia ‘ to avoid the confusion.

    July 1st, 2021 at 12:37am

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