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    11 / 11 / 2015

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I found this in November near Houston in a St. Augustine lawn. I think it is some kind of wood sorrel/Oxalis, but I would like to know what species. It looks similar to Oxalis triangularis with its 3-leaf clover-like appearance, but the leaves are green and maroon-purple rather than completely purple. The leaves are also less triangular than Oxalis triangularis (but still more triangular than other species of Oxalis around here, such as the pink wood sorrel). It hasn’t flowered yet.


  • TexasGardener Apprentice says:

    Thanks for the suggestion! It took a while for me to try it out because the lawn was mowed. The leaves don’t seem to be touch sensitive. Do you know of any similar varieties that don’t have touch sensitivity? It does look similar to violet wood sorrel–that is the closest match I have found so far.

    November 29th, 2015 at 1:44am

  • Teresa Master Identifier says:

    Violet wood sorrel, I think, even though the purple in the leaf is a bit more striking than is typical. Should show a slight sensitivity to the touch by folding its leaves slightly when handled.

    November 16th, 2015 at 9:53am

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