Chlordane – Gardening Nearby

For many years, homes were treated with chlordane to kill termites. In 1988, the Environmental Protection Agency banned its use due to health concerns.

If you grow edible plants near your home’s foundation, you might be concerned about the possibility that your plants will absorb chlordane.

Todd Hurt, Cherokee county Extension agent, has these thoughts:

“A couple of sources that I have looked at show chlordane to have a half-life of 4-20 years in the soil. It is also reported not to be very water soluble so I would not expect to find it in above-ground fruit like raspberries or tomatoes. However to be on the safe side one should avoid eating root crops grown in the area.

“Here is a link to a governmental web site with some of the details: What Happens to Chlordane When It Enters the Environment?

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