Dandelion – Control

My young friend Ayana and I recently spent several minutes making a bouquet of dandelion flowers and blowing on the seedheads of those already bloomed. Although the flowers are bright and distinctive, some folks would rather not have this plant in their lawn or garden.

Fortunately, dandelions are easy to control. One way is Ayana’s favorite: picking the flowers before they make seeds. Mowing regularly accomplishes the same thing.

You can dig the long taproot with a dandelion fork (click for sources)  or uproot it with a Water Weeder.

A spot spray of organic non-selective weed killer or synthetic weed killer (click for sources) would work.

For your lawn, one of the broad spectrum herbicides like Ortho MAX (click for sources) or Bayer Season Long Control (click for sources) could give excellent control.

dandelion seed 1

dandelion  flower 2


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