Pre-emergent – Application in Coastal Georgia

Q: I’ve seen your recommendation to apply a pre-emergent on March 1. Is that just for the Atlanta area? When should I apply pre-emergent herbicide on the Georgia coast?

A: You’re right. Crabgrass wakes up earlier in warmer sites in our state. Crabgrass seeds germinate when soil temperatures tend upwards from 50 degrees F. Weed scientists use 52 degrees F. at one-half inch deep as the trigger point for their application of pre-emergent herbicide. Soil temperatures in Brunswick hover around 50 degrees all winter but a week of sunny weather can start the process of germination even though there won’t be much growth for a few more weeks. In your location, I’d apply a pre-emergent in early February and do another application in early May.

Soil Temperature Map

Timing Pre-emergent Application

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