Cultivating soybeans – Growth for soy milk

Q: Where can I buy soybeans to cultivate? I’d like to make my own soy milk.

A: In my opinion, the economics are against you but the adventure will be very educational! Assuming optimum conditions, your garden yield should be the equivalent of 40 bushels per acre or 1 lb. of beans from 18 sq. ft. of garden. Assuming you can make 1 liter of soy milk from 125 grams (.27 lb.) of seed, you’d get roughly 4 liters of soy milk from 20 sq. ft. of garden. Soybeans aren’t terribly hard to grow. They just need full sunshine and a rich, fast-draining soil. They don’t have an overwhelming number of insect or disease pests. You can find the seed at organic groceries or online. Let me know how it turns out!

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