Tobacco – Legal to Grow in Georgia

Q: Is it legal to grow tobacco in my garden?

A: It is perfectly legal to grow tobacco. But once you’ve tried it, you may not want to do it again! The process starts when you plant the tiny seed indoors, four weeks before the last frost, in warm trays of soil. Nurture the seedlings until they are six inches tall. Transplant them outdoors in early May into a sunny bed, taking care to water them thoroughly. Fertilize lightly but regularly. If grown for consumption, remove flowers as they occur. Also regularly clip out the sucker stems that form between the leaves and the main stem. Harvest leaves as they begin yellowing, for several weeks in succession. Leaves must be cured in a warm, dry spot for three weeks. To make the process even more lengthy, tobacco must be aged for several more months to remove harshness. More details at  (BROKEN). If you are up for the challenge, please let me know how it turns out!

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