Fig – Conadria

Q: My mother and I need help identifying a fig. The fruit is different from any I have seen before.

They are somewhat larger and “rounder” than regular figs. They have a shorter “neck”, are smoother, and have conspicuous white speckles on the fruit.

Even after the figs are ripe they remain green in color. The fruit is very sweet and flavorful.

A: Ray Givan is Coordinator for the Fig Interest Group of North American Fruit Explorers (NAFEX).

Look at the light-skinned figs on his website and let me know which one you think you have:

Light-skinned Figs

Examples of Ray’s descriptive terms


Thank you for the website referral. It was most helpful. As best I can tell, I have a Conadria fig. The descriptions and picture appear to be right on. Now maybe I can find one for sale somewhere. If you’re looking to plant any figs, this would be a good one to consider.

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