Meyer Lemon – Bloom Time

Meyer lemon

Q: I think my Meyer lemon tree is confused! It is flowering and has baby lemons started in winter. I pruned it last January, hoping the new growth would stimulate flowers in April, but just got more green foliage. What do I do? It probably has about 30 lemons started.

A: It’s not confused, it’s blooming naturally! Unlike most plants, which bloom in warm weather, Meyer lemon blooms sporadically throughout the year but usually in winter. Meyer lemon was a major crop in California until the 1940’s, when the tree was found to be a symptomless carrier of a deadly citrus virus. As a result, most were destroyed. A grower found a virus-free tree in the 1950’s and ‘Improved Meyer’ lemon trees came back on the market. Your lemon does not require insects to pollinate the flowers although an occasional light tapping of the flower cluster will improve fruit set.


Meyer Lemon Tree

Fruitfulness and Pollination

Pollination of Citrus

Meyer lemon flower

Meyer lemon

Meyer lemon

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