Okra – Fusarium Wilt

Q: Is there a variety of okra that is fusarium wilt resistant? My Clemson spineless okra comes up, then the leaves turn yellow and fall off. About 80% die, and the rest grows a little and produces very little. I’m assuming it’s fusarium wilt and there’s no cure? 

A: It is always a good idea to get a diagnosis from the University of Georgia plant pathology lab before assuming it is fusarium wilt. (You can get contact details from your county Extension office.) But if it is, here are tips I’ve collected: The fungal spores can survive in the soil for up to seven years. Use certified clean seeds. Buy seeds treated with fungicide. Raise soil pH by applying lime where soils are acidic. I am not saying you have fusarium wilt because many things can cause these symptoms. The suggestions I  listed are useful for most garden seeds.

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