Peach Trees – Espaliered

Q: I want to know if peach trees can successfully be espaliered. I want to cover a fence in my back yard with them if it can be successful.

A: Peaches are excellent espalier subjects! Espaliering is the process of making a three dimensional tree grow in only two dimensions. You’ll prune it differently than a normal tree growing in the open. Buy peach trees and plant them ten feet apart next to your fence. Amend the soil thoroughly so the expansive root system can compensate for the limited number of leaves an espaliered tree has. Remove branches that point toward or away from the fence, leaving limbs that are in the same plane as the fence. Nail pieces of an old leather belt to make anchor loops at appropriate spots to train limbs into a pleasing pattern. Normal pest control will be required.

More information here. (BROKEN)

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