Cold Dracaena

Q: I am in a big pickle with my wife. I moved furniture out of the house so I could redo our hardwood floors. I put her eight-foot tall dracaena plant on the back porch all night when it was below freezing. It got cold enough to make the leaves look dead! What can I do?

A: You’ll just have to wait and see, but remind her that forgiveness is a virtue. Scissor off any leaf parts that are a water-soaked dark green. Leave alone the plant leaves that seem to be a normal green. Even if most of the leaves were frozen, it’s possible the dormant leaf buds on the stem at the base of leaves were not damaged. They might initiate new leaves if the plant is put in bright indoor light now. When spring arrives, put the plant outdoors in a brightly shaded spot and see what transpires.

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