Cuba Trip 2014 – Food

Every meal included rice and beans but we usually had a choice of pork, chicken or fish…and sometimes shrimp and lobster.

DSCN5774 (Copy)

rare to see Coca-Cola in Cuba…but TuKola was offered at every meal

DSCN5788 (Copy)

we got cold rich chocolate milk at the chocolate museum

DSCN5971 (Copy)

we call them blackeyed peas…Cuban call them “little faces” peas

DSCN5982 (Copy)

a “Welcome Mojito” was offered at our hotels and at most restaurants

IMG_2747 (Copy)

“bathed in mil islas sauce” = “garnished with Thousand Island dressing”

photo 2 (Copy)

something smells good on our hike up the mountain!

photo 1 (Copy)

poor Garcia will be our guest of honor

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