Cuba Trip 2014 – Our Group

Twenty three curious and enthusiastic Cuban travelers had a great time exploring the gardens, culture, and history of Cuba


Our Cuban tour guide, Grency Rodriguez, flashes the peace sign beside our Earthbound Expeditions tour coordinator, Matt Smith

DSCN5802 (Copy)

at the organic farm

DSCN5892 (Copy)looking forward to a great meal at a local restaurant

DSCN5896 (Copy)more hungry people!

DSCN5934 (Copy)

Andres at the nature preserve teaching medicinal uses of plants

DSCN5956 (Copy)group at Cienfuegos Botanical Garden

IMG_2748 (Copy)

in our Russian truck going to the nature preserve BEFORE the drenching rain!

IMG_2750 (Copy)where are our “Welcome Cocktails”?

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