South Africa – Animals

South Africa, of course, is known for the wide variety of animals that live in the grasslands. We went out at 5:30 a.m. and again at 4:40 p.m. each day to look for animals.

Surprisingly, the animals mostly ignore the vehicles; these shots were taken from no more than 25 feet away.

my son Grey along with our trackers

the most modern conveyance!

nothing starts the morning off right like being chased by an elephant

he got bigger as he got closer

and we were wondering if he were upset with us…but he finally brushed past the truck with barely a glance

how would you like to keep this water clean?

baby rhino being fed by bottle

the King of Beasts takes a nap in the road

no two zebra patterns are the same

female rhino; you can tell because the horn isn’t damaged by fighting

two stories high!

only his mother could love the lowly undertaker bird

but any mother would be proud of this crowned crane offspring

a gemsbok looks like he’s wearing striped socks!

female ostrich; males are darker than females, so they are better camouflaged at night when they sit on their nest

remember, Cape Town is close to Antartica…so penguins live on the beach

wild dog is one of the most endangered animals

the circle of life necessarily involves death

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