There is Power in the Mud!

My garden friend Ed emailed me with what he thought was a terrible mistake (“an unpardonable sin” in his words) that he’d made in his garden, having mis-heard something I’d said on radio.

Fortunately it was only a miscommunication, probably due, I theorized to him, to singing the hymn “There is Power in the Blood” in his car too loudly…and I admonished him to get back in his garden and “sin no more”.

I mentioned the correspondence to my faith-minded friend Susannah who replied, “Well, there is certainly power in the Blood – but there’s power in the mud too!”

That was all it took for me to compose a gardener’s hymn along those lines.

I vividly remember singing “There is Power in the Blood” during worship at the Fayetteville Church of Christ (with no instrumental accompaniment) and at Inman Methodist Church, with Mrs. Doris Harp pounding out the rhythm on the piano.

I hope you know the tune and enjoy singing my new verses as you garden!

There is Power in the Mud

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