Ground Bees – Natural Control

Q: These bees that come out of the ground and make our yard ugly in the spring. What can I use to kill them?

A: Wow, that’s a lot of ground bees!

I have them too, but I like mine because they are such good pollinators. On the other hand, I can see how this many hills would bother you.

I would not use insecticide. I don’t know that you would kill all the bees anyway and you’d probably kill lightning bugs and other beneficial insects that live in your lawn.

Frankly, the best method would be to go out with a water hose and wash the mounds down. Ground bees hate soggy soil and those that survive drowning would surely go somewhere else to live besides your lawn.

I can’t tell what kind of grass you have but consider in the fall mowing higher than normal. This will hide the spring bee mounds better than what you have. Also do a better job managing and fertilizing the grass in summer. Ground bees like areas that grass doesn’t cover thickly.

Ground Bees

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