Mole Crickets – In Pasture

Q: We have noticed that our horse pasture has small holes everywhere, and the grass around them is dying. I spoke with local experts who say it sounds like mole crickets. What can we use that will not hurt the horses?

A: The phrase “sounds like” is not the same as “is” mole crickets. You first have to decide if mole crickets are present. Mix three ounces of dishwashing detergent in a five gallon bucket of water. Drench four square feet with this solution and observe the area for a few minutes. Crickets will wriggle to the surface if present. If you are sure you have mole crickets, consider using insect-eating nematodes (Nematac). Call your local Extension office (1-800-ASKUGA-1) for further advice.

Mole Crickets in Turf

This one tells how to flush them out with soapy water:
Lasting Control of Mole Crickets in Pasteres

Timing the Application of Beneficial Nematodes to Mole Cricket Activity on Pasture to Optimize Control

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