Should I Buy A Hummingbird House?

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Q: I see ads for hummingbird houses. Do hummingbirds actually build nests in birdhouses? 

A: Hummingbirds do not build nests in manufactured housing, no matter how cute. They are not mentally programmed to nest in a cavity. Bluebirds, chickadees and purple martins adore a home place that’s dark inside. On the other hand, robins, hummingbirds and brown thrashers build cup-shaped nests out in the open. We rarely see hummingbird nests because they are built so high: 10-40 feet up, usually in the crotch formed by three branches. Look for them after a big summer storm. If you find a nest with eggs or a nesting mother inside, put it high in a small tree and go online to find out how to protect it from predators.

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