Agapanthus – Care

Q: I got an agapanthus from a friend in south Georgia. Is it hardy enough to plant outside? I have it indoors now.

A: Agapanthus is also called “Lily of the Nile”. It is a member of the amaryllis family but I don’t know anyone who has successfully kept one outdoors in the winter here. The best idea is to put the bulb in a large pot and move it indoors when winter comes. The strap-like leaves will look like an amaryllis but the flowers appear in a big ball on top of a sturdy stem. Keep yours indoors this winter and take it outdoors when night temperatures are above 50 degrees. Fertilize it monthly in the summer.
I was wandering through your Q & A and saw your agapanthus statement:

“I don’t know anyone who has successfully kept one outdoors in the winter here”.

Well now you do. Both the standard 36″ and the ‘Little Boy Blue’. I have also planted them in friend’s gardens and all are doing fine. Lucky maybe, but they have been there several years.

All are planted in reasonably protected areas and I cover them with about 6″ of mulch each winter. So far, they seem happy and reward me with beautiful
blooms each summer.

Drex B.
I have heard you mention Agapanthus will not grow here. I live in Stone Mountain and have had Agapanthus africanus for several years and have no problem with growing it in my perennial bed. It is fully exposed to the elements with no additional mulch in the winter months. It has multiplied and just finished blooming with several spikes.

Betty W.

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