Backyard- Filling

Q: Three ago our backyard was dug up and hydroseeded with bermudagrass. It never filled in. Now it is mostly weeds. Any advice?

A: What you do depends on how soft the soil is now. If it is not hard and full of clay, you can use a dethatcher (slit seeder) to scarify the soil and then plant bermudagrass seed at 1 – 2 pounds per 1000 sq. ft. If the soil is hard and mostly clay, till in a two inch layer of screened topsoil that has a high proportion of organic matter, then plant your seed. I like ‘Princess 77’ bermuda seed but it is tiny and pricey. Mix 1 pound of seed with 5 pounds of dry sand and use the mixture in your seed spreader to achieve an even application of seed.

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