Blackberry Lily – Identification

Q: I have a beautiful orchid-like flower growing wild in my horse pasture. I’d love any info on when, where and how to move it so I can enjoy it without hiking to the back of my property to see it.

A: The flower is certainly orchid-like but it is a blackberry lily, Belamcanda chinensis. The flowers are followed by plump green seedheads in August each year. The seedheads dry by September, revealing a cluster of black seeds that resembles a blackberry. You can collect the seed and plant them in a sunny bed near your house. Grass-like sprouts will appear in spring.

It will take a couple of years before the plants are big enough to flower but you’ll enjoy them each summer thereafter. You’ll also enjoy sharing seed or seedlings with garden friends!

Transplant the clump in fall.

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