Bloodworms – In Pond

Q: I have a small pond. The pump stopped running and when I checked, the filter was completely full of disgusting leeches. They look similar to earthworms with flattened “heads”. When I opened up the filter, several “grabbed” my fingers with their mouths. I put the filter on a fire ant mound and it was clean in two days. How can I kill the leeches still in the pond and keep them from returning?

A: Good news – you don’t have leeches

Better news: you have a good pond environment

These aren’t leeches, they are bloodworms. Bloodworms are the larval form of midges, small, harmless insects that resemble mosquitoes. They live in the muck at the bottom of a pond and are eaten by fish.

My guess is that you don’t have fish (or just a few) in the pond…otherwise the bloodworms would be gone.

So….no worries. Clean the filter occasionally and let nature take its course.

bloodworm 1

bloodworm 2

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