Brown Patch – Efficacy of Fungicides

Q: Has there ever been any research to determine which fungicide does the BEST at controlling brown patch in fescue?

A: Sure – but much of it has been done with professional-type products.

See Control of Brown Patch with Monthly Fungicide Applications


Efficacy of Brown Patch Controls


Brown Patch Control

Look at the label on the product you’re considering buying to see if it contains one of the chemicals mentioned in the products tested.

Heritage = asoxystrobin

Compass = trifoxystrobin

Insignia = pyraclostrobin

Banner Maxx = propiconazole

Bayleton = triadimefon

Eagle – myclobutanil

ProStar = flutolanil

SysStar = flutolanil + thiophanate-methyl

3336 = thiophanate-methyl

ConSyst = chlorothalonil

Lynx Turf = tebuconazole

IMPORTANT: Note the numbers beside each fungicide name. These indicate the percentage of active ingredient. Homeowner products may not contain the same percentage.

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