Brown Stems When I Mow My Bermuda Lawn

Q: I have a bermuda lawn that I keep mowed at three inches high every seven days. I want to cut it shorter but when I do all I see is brown stems. My wife wants me to just cut off a little each time I mow so it always looks green. We take very good care with fertilizer and weed control. The lawn is usually one of the best in our neighborhood. 

A: You need to mow more often. If you are fertilizing regularly, as it sounds like you are, the grass grows rapidly but only the top inch is green, the rest is brown. So your wife’s idea is good: mow a little lower each time but do it every three days. Since we are still in a fall drought the best time to lower the height is in spring. Bermuda grass grows best at one and one-half to two inches high.

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