Burford Hollies – Infestation

Q: Our dwarf Burford hollies had tons of berries, which the birds dutifully picked off. Now the bush is buzzing. There are hundreds of bees living in it. How long will they be here?

A: All of our nectar loving insects, including honeybees, ground bees and small wasps, are desperate for food in early spring. As a result, they flock to anything in bloom. Holly is a favorite because it has so many flowers in a compact space. Since their activities are so focused on the flowers, these insects sting only if you really make an effort to swat them. Leave them alone and you can approach within a few inches. They will be oblivious to your presence. I recommend you enjoy them, and enjoy the berries their work produces later in the year. The bees will disappear when the flowers fall in a couple of weeks

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