Cactus – Winter-hardy

Q: Is there a list of cactus that will grow here in Atlanta? If so how can I get it and where can I get them?


A: According to Randy Kucera, eponymous owner of Randy’s Perennials and Greenhouse in Lawrenceville, there are several succulent plants, including cactus, that will survive in Atlanta. All demand extremely well-drained soil to prevent root rot.

Agave plants range in size from one foot to six feet tall. The rosette of thick leaves will eventually produce a huge flower spike. There are several species of yucca which grow nicely here and flower each year. Prickly pear cactus comes in both a spiny and a non-spiny form. Randy is experimenting with a couple of barrel cactus which show promise for desert gardening in the Southeast. You can visit his cactus garden at the nursery or learn about more succulents at

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