Compost – Tree Roots in

Q: Roots are growing all up into my compost from the ground. Can you tell me how to stop
this and how to kill the existing roots? Also, can you tell me where to get plans to build the most efficient type of compost pit?

A: One could view this as an excellent demonstration of how much plants love compost. A nearby tree has discovered your pile and made itself at home. The solution is actually pretty simple. Remove all of the crumbly compost in the pile and spread it around nearby flowers. They will revel in the richness. If some parts of the pile haven=t fully decomposed, put them to the side. Now, and in the future, just make a two-inch thick layer of small sticks on the ground before you pile on the fall leaves. The sticks will keep the compost supported above the roots until it is completely rotted. I suspect that you haven=t been removing compost fast enough (every three months or so). If you had, the tree roots would never have gotten the chance to invade.

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