Crapemyrtle – Straightening

Q: I need some advice on what to do about a crepe myrtle that was partially uprooted by recent winds. It is leaning about 30 degrees and is about 20 feet tall.

My plan is to dig under where it is pulled out of the ground, straighten the tree and back fill. I would then stake out some support. I will prune the lower and upper branches to make it less susceptible to further storms.

A: You plan is exactly what I would do. You are smart to know that the tree can’t be straightened until you’ve dug under the upturned root ball. Once that’s been done, and the tree pulled into place, put a wide band of cloth around the trunk, to which a guy wire can be attached. DO NOT wrap the wire around the trunk, even if it is padded by water hose.

You’ll need to keep the guying system in place for twelve months to give new anchor roots time to establish.

Uprooted crape myrtle

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