Fertilizing – 3-4 Times A Year

Q: I’ve heard you recommend fertilizing fescue 3 or 4 times a year. Are your recommendations designed for water-soluble fertilizers like 10-10-10? With the higher nitrogen slow-release fertilizers, the pounds of nitrogen per thousand square feet would exceed the recommended guidelines.

A: When applied at the correct rate, 10-10-10 or any turf fertilizer could be put down four times during the fescue growing season. Ten pounds of 10-10-10 should be applied per 1000 sq. ft. but only four pounds of 25-2-7 would be necessary for the same area. Both applications would result in one pound of actual nitrogen being put on. I recommend slow-release turf fertilizers for lawns. Rather than releasing nutrients all at once, like 10-10-10, turf fertilizer granules are coated to make them release nutrients over a two month period.

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