Effect of Coke and Sprite on Plants – Science Fair Project

Q: I am working on a science project involving the effects of Coke and Sprite on plants. I have heard some time ago that if the roots of the plant are dipped in the Coke or Sprite, the plants absorb water faster and better.

I would like to get some scientific reasons to why this happens but could not find any information regarding to this question.

Could you please send me any websites or information that have an explanation to why and what effects Coke or Sprite have on plants?

A: Hmmmm….I’m not sure where you heard that soft drinks would increase the absorption of water…I’ve not heard that.

Perhaps you read that some people add soft drinks to their Christmas tree water ….but even that is a false conception.

You need to talk to a plant physiologist, not me.

Call local colleges and ask to speak to someone in their horticulture department.

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