Grass- Transplanting

Q: My sister is about to sell her home and lot to a developer who will raze everything. My front yard desperately needs grass. Is there any way to transplant her grass to my yard?

A: You need a marvelously useful machine called a sod cutter. Available from large rental yards, they are about the size of a self-propelled aerator, are noisy as heck and will give you a good shaking as they work. The machine is GREAT for cutting strips of sod, which you can load on a truck and lay soon afterwards at your house. Water your sister’s lawn deeply a couple of days before you cut her sod. Be sure your lawn is tilled and raked and ready for the sod to be laid. Most importantly, have a crew of helpers to lift and load the stuff. It sounds like a lot to do but you can get a good lawn for cheap money this way!

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