How Do Fungus Spores Travel?

Q: My Japanese maples, rose bushes, and lawn all have a fungus problem. Do
spores travel from plant to tree to grass? 

A: This is been a good year for fungi to grow on plant leaves and fruit. We
haven’t had long periods between rains so there has been plenty of moisture
for fungal development. There are millions and millions of fungi around us all
the time. Only a small percentage attack plants. Of those that do so, almost all
are specific for a particular plant or a particular family of plants. The fungus
that causes spots on your Japanese maple leaves is not the one that causes
lawn diseases or fruit rot. Next time you have a chance to buy a plant, do a
little research and look for those described as “disease resistant”. In my
experience there is a huge difference between old-fashioned phlox and the
newer mildew-resistant phlox.

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