Invasive Pampas Grass

I live in Hall county and drive to work in Forsyth county. I listen to you every Saturday morning on my drive to work.

In early September 2006 I heard you and Teresa Schrum talking about renegade pampas grass on I-85 between Beaver Ruin and Steve Reynolds Blvd.

I wanted to let you know of another one. On Browns Bridge Rd, which is Hwy 369, in Forsyth county on the east bound side of the roadway approx 2/10 to 3/10 of a mile west of mile marker 16 there is another “escapee”.

Like Teresa I did not notice it until it bloomed. Once I did notice it I thought it was strange to see it in the middle of nowhere, in a spot obviously not planted by humans.

I heard you say that the plant is becoming a problem out west. So I thought you would like to know about a second renegade.

Email Walter if you have seen other “escaped” papmas grass clumps.

• I spotted one along I-85 at Old Peachtree Road. It was obscured by some pines until it came into bloom.

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