Iris – Walking Iris, Reblooming Iris, rebloo

Q: A few weeks ago on your radio show you mentioned Walking Iris and Reblooming Iris. Can you give more information on these plants?

A: Reblooming Iris aka Walking Iris (Neomarica gracilis) is a tropical iris. It can’t stand cold soil. If you try to grow it, you’ll have to store the roots in a place that doesn’t freeze in the winter. It has white flowers with blue markings.

It “walks” by producing roots where the stalks touch the ground. I’m sure it is used as a groundcover somewhere in the lower half of Georgia but I’ve never seen one here.

Reblooming iris (Iris kochii) is said to have fragrant blooms. It is one of the earliest blooming irises but it has a reputation for blooming again in August and sending up a few blue flags into December.

Neither of these irises is common at local nurseries. Hall’s Nursery (404-292-8446) has the Walking Iris but you might also find them in the Georgia Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin (404-656-3722).

American Iris Society

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