Leyland Cypress – Drought Damage From Incorrect Planting

Q: I planted these eight trees in late September and I’ve tried to keep them watered most every day but they still turned brown. Are they too far gone or can I save them? I broke up the tough Georgia clay with a pickaxe and then dug the hole about a shovel head deep and a shovel head wide. I mixed some of the existing dirt with planting soil and loosened the root ball a bit.

A: The roots of your trees became too dry and they will not recover from this damage.

The best way to plant them is to loosen an area 6 feet wide and 8 inches deep around the spot where you plant each one.

Unwrap the roots and spread them widely in all directions.

In this way the roots will be able to spread out easily and will get the moisture they need as time goes on.

Planting Leylands Correctly




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