Mullein – Identification

Q: I was wondering if you could enlighten me as to what kind of plant this is growing in my yard in July. It has been growing for at least a month and is looking to bloom. I don’t know if it is some crazy weed that I need to chop down right away or if I have some rare beauty to behold.

Currently it stands 3′ 5″ tall, it’s leaves are not jagged at all, just smooth and velvety. The leaves are long and oval shaped and they ripple up the length of the stem.

I don’t want to chop it down, it is too neat to watch…..if you can help me identify it that would be great.

A: Your plant is common mullein, Verbascum thapsus. I agree that it is fascinating on several fronts: it grows quickly, it has an interesting form and the leaf texture is quite unusual.

The fuzzy leaves are reputed to be medicinal…and might be used to wrap wounds.

Don’t cut it down if you enjoy looking at it!

It might be valuable if you have a rash or a cut!

I found this helpful.

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