Orange Tree – Growing

Q: I’m a Clayton County amateur gardener and I want to show you my “little” orange tree that I purchased over 25 years ago in the supermarket. I think it was in a 6 in. pot. I brought it home because “it was pretty” and it was close to Christmas time.

My husband told me it would never survive here! Well, it’s graduated to larger pots throughout the years, has “raised” many miniture oranges (which are tart) and is still going strong! I keep thinking “it won’t make it another year”, but it does. We’ve dragged that tree in and out of the house during the winter months and it stays outside during the spring and summer and into the fall.

Even my husband now is very protective of “the tree” when the temperatures change!! We call it “THE TREE” and we both know what that means. I still have the original instructions of how to take care of the tree.

A: I sure wouldn’t call you an “amateur” gardener with results like this!

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