Daffodil, Narcissus, Jonquil – Identification

Q: Last fall I bought daffodils at a local nursery and got them in the ground in mid-December. They started blooming in mid-March and are the envy of my neighborhood. Everyone wants some but I don’t know the name of the variety. The nursery can’t help.

Does it ring a bell with you? The bloom stands 18″ high and the bloom is about 5″ wide.

A: According to the Georgia Daffodil society, daffodils are described and coded by their general shape and then by their petal color followed by the cup color. Thus 1Y-Y translates to a trumpet flower shape (Division 1) with yellow petals and a yellow cup. A 1W-YR daffodil has a trumpet flower with white petals and a mostly yellow cup with a red rim.

There are 12 daffodil flower shapes, see them all here.

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