Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is striking in fall with its showy white seed heads. If not cut back each spring, though, it will look more like an overgrown haystack. Here are some tips:

Q: When should I cut back my pampas grass clump?

A: Cut it back to 12 inches tall in January or February. DO NOT burn it. Use a gloved hand to rake out all of the dead material in the center of the clump. Divide the clump into thirds every three years. Keep one piece in place and transplant the other two pieces to a different spot.

Q: I planted a three gallon pampas grass 2 years ago and it has not bloomed/plumed yet. It is growing, seems healthy, and gets plenty of sunshine. It is in the center of a 9′ x 9′ bed bordered by a sidewalk and one-story house in the rear, a driveway on the left, and a sidewalk on the front and right. There are no other pampas grass plants in the near vicinity. Do you have any suggestions on what the problem(s) could be?

A: I’d bet it is still growing as a juvenile and will likely plume for you next year.

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