Responses to my post on pruning a nandina

I knew there would be some kickback when I wrote the post on pruning nandina. But the comments went off the rails within the first hour. I did not Close Comments because I was curious how far it would go. Thank goodness the conversation didn’t arrive at Godwin’s Law, which states “As a discussion on the Internet grows longer, the likelihood of a person/s being compared to Hitler or another Nazi, increases.”

I suspected it was coming when one person called another a troll but it didn’t. Good for us!

Note that I didn’t promote nandina. I simply answered a gardener’s question.

Here is a sampling of the unfavorable comments I received.


“Really surprised that a respected plant page would promote an invasive plant like this.”

“My thoughts exactly@

“Same… so disappointing”

“I was thinking the same”
(followed by three quick agreements)/

Invasive and poisonous to Cedar Wax Wings.

Cedar wax wings are gorging birds. They have died from eating too many blueberries, hollies and an assortment of other berries at once, all of which contain some cyanide compounds. One reported case in 2009 of a flock gorging and dying does not make reasonably make a conclusion that they are “poisonous to Cedar Waxwings”. Science doesn’t work like that.

if you are worried about Cedar Wax Wings dying , advocate for cats to be kept inside.

Pull nandina out of your yard immediately!! On GA invasive plant list. Berries harmful to birds. Eliminate this evil plant. Ashton Ritchie please teach Walter Reeves about native gardening.

Walter, must you open the nandina can of worms? It hardly ever goes well. LOL

And why would Georgia Gardener continue to promote a plant that is known to be harmful to local ecosystems? It’s beyond me.

BINGO! I lost a lot of respect for Georgia Gardener today.

It is invasive because you can’t kill it! But, I’ll tell you what is more invasive is Bermuda grass- hate it!

you can’t reason with the Nandina and Mahonia haters. Lol. They read it on the internet.

It is invasive and non-native..leaves & berries contain cyanide..documented cases of cedar waxwings,bluebirds and cardinals dying from eating the berries

there is a single case one time about 20 years ago. Many plants contain small amounts of cyanide.

.what’s the big deal with nandina..they’re not even that attractive..I swear people will argue bout anything on fb..but I’m done with this..nandina sucks and should be removed..don’t burn them..the fumes will make you sick..plant something attractive & productive..even one bird dying is one too many..birds good; nandina bad..

zero wild habitat has been “destroyed” by Nandina. Can you produce a single picture of Nandina over running a natural area? Google can not produce one.

You know what’s invasive? Wisteria!!! Nandina doesn’t come close to the headaches I’ve had with Wisteria.

I’ve been a Master Gardener for over forty years. I know what “invasive” vs. “native” means. Thank you for trying to enlighten me. I’m always open to accurate information.

I saw your first comment and chose not to respond since you were already regretting your conversation with me. It was you who jumped in trying to correct me when I hadn’t misspoken, not the other way around. Have a blessed rest of your evening ma’am.

I didn’t regret the information I posted. I regretted responding to you, because I quickly realized you’re a troll, with yet a lot to learn about gardening, and also maybe about getting along with people. I suspect your wish for me to have a blessed evening is sarcastic and disingenuous, but I’m doing just fine. And am blessed!

Your suspect is wrong again ma’am and you’re implying a tone that was never intended. Perhaps, “have a great evening” will suit you better and you can quit calling me names then deleting and rewriting those comments. I’m so sorry that my comment to Karen offended you and your 40 years experience this much.


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