Rose mosaic virus

Q: One of my roses looks sick. Can you identify and let me know the remedy?

A: This is rose mosaic virus.. Like human viruses, there is no cure for plant diseases caused by a virus.

The major source of rose mosaic virus disease transmission occurs through the grafting of infected buds onto healthy plants. In other words, unless you are a rose propagator, this rose was sick when you bought it.

In the past, transmission of rose mosaic virus disease through aphids, thrips, pruning shears, contaminated soil, and root contact have all been suggested. But more recent studies have concluded that these are not a source of the virus. Only propagation using an infected plant has been shown to spread disease.

As a result, if your rose produces reasonably attractive flowers, you can leave it where it is. The plant may decline in health in coming years. It can be removed whenever you like.

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