Seedling Growing From Tree Crotch

Q: How unusual is it to find one tree growing from another? I have a camphor tree growing in my yard in Hazelhurst. Now one of my oaks has a camphor branch growing from its divide. The camphor is probably forty feet from the oak. Apparently one of its seeds drifted into the divide of the tree and decided to stay. Is this a rare event or just a fun one that I should be happy that I’ve discovered?

A: I vote for the rare but enjoyable phenomenon choice.

Where a tree limb and trunk form a shallow pocket, decomposing particles of bark and leaf debris form soil. It is not terribly uncommon for the seed of another tree to fall into this pocket and germinate.

Eventually the sprout becomes too large to be able to get enough moisture from the soil in the pocket and it dies.

I expect that’s what will happen to your camphor tree seedling.

Enjoy it, talk about it with your friends, and point it out to visitors.

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