Thoughts On LED Lights In Greenhouses

Q: I have learned that the Netherlands exports a lot of excellent produce by
growing it in greenhouses using red, blue, and white LED’s. Has anyone
researched and written about how these lights could be used for homeowner
greenhouses? I would like to grow tomatoes, squash, lettuce, dwarf lemon,
lime, and mandarin trees.

A: There is a huge amount of research being done on greenhouse LED
lighting, particularly with cannabis that’s grown indoors.

Big greenhouses are
common in the Netherlands because land is so expensive and because
vegetables can be produced in winter using supplemental artificial light. But
growing vegetables in a greenhouse in Georgia is a mighty expensive way to
garden. Summertime cooling is very problematic. In the winter, heating costs
for vegetables will be high.

On the other hand, growing citrus can be fun and
you don’t have to heat the greenhouse quite so much as with vegetables.
Heating and pest control still be a problem though. I have lots of information
on homeowner greenhouses at

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