Thoughts On Organic Pesticides/Fertilizers

Q: What are your thoughts on organic pesticides, and fertilizers? Do they work as well as non-organic?

A: Organic pesticides can be as good as, or better than, conventional pesticides. It all depends on the pest being controlled. I have never seen an organic herbicide that would kill English ivy. But for killing small weed seedlings, organic soap and citrus products work fine. Young insects are pretty easy to control organically. But when they mature, control is problematic. Personally, I have both types of pesticide in my shed. I make sure I have identified the pest correctly, then make my decision based on its maturity or the size of the infestation. Organic fertilizers can also be superior to “chemical” fertilizers. I like the fact that organic fertilizers release their nutrients slowly, in tune with the needs of the plant.

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