Tomato – Supporting Vine from Horizontal Pipe

Q: I have a tomato growing technique that is truly amazing. It’s the same way commercial tomatoes are grown in greenhouses but I bury my vines. They have re-rooted up to 6 feet away from where I originally planted them, then grew 6 feet high with tennis-ball-sized fruit.


  1. Build a horizontal overhead pipe support at least 6 foot above the ground.
  2. Plant indeterminate tomatoes two feet apart. Remove all suckers, leaving vertical vines.
  3. Support young plants on a string or cord from above.
  4. As it grows up, twist the vine around the cord.
  5. As lower fruit is picked, remove all leaves, then lower cord 6 inches at a time.
  6. Weight of the plant will slowly push the bare vine to the ground.
  7. Cover vine with dirt.
  8. Mulch and water
  9. Repeat every time you harvest.
  10. The vine will grow 20 feet a year!
  11. That equals 20 bunches of tomatoes from one plant.

A: Your method works fine and has been used in commercial tomato greenhouses for years. As long as you have room to lay the vines on the ground you are good to go!


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