UGA Sanford Stadium – Privet Hedge

Q: At one of your radio remote broadcasts you asked what was the plant surrounding the football field at Sanford Stadium in Athens. I answered “English privet” but you said that wasn’t right. However, several online sources call it English privet. As a Bulldog fan, I’ve got to know: what is the hedge?

A: You are exactly right that many online websites mention “English privet”.

They are, however, wrong.

According to four different horticulturists at the University of Georgia, the shrub is Chinese privet, Ligustrum sinense. I’m not sure where the confusion occurred. My guess is that a non-horticultural writer got confused with English boxwood and their misinformation has been repeated ad infinitum.

Bulldog Nation would be in your debt if you’d contact the appropriate parties and have this corrected!

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