Vines To Cover Wood Pile

Planting on Hill

Q: I have a pile of fresh logs in an inaccessible ravine on my property.
However, it can be seen from the street. What vines do you recommend to
cover this so it’s not an eyesore?

A: Four vines immediately come to mind. If you want flowers, crossvine,
Bignonia capreolata, blooms in early April with gorgeous orange and yellow
flowers. Carolina jessamine, Gelsemium sempervirens, blooms in March with
bright yellow flowers.

Evergreen clematis, Clematis armandii, has bright
white flowers in late April. All are somewhat shade tolerant. If you’d rather
not have flowers drawing the eyes of people driving by, regular English ivy
would fit the bill.

You will be responsible for keeping any vine you plant from
climbing nearby trees.

Planting on Hill


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