What Kind Of Bamboo Is Right For Me in Atlanta?

bamboo in Atlanta

Q: I live in Midtown near a large shopping center and have a partially shaded
yard. I love bamboo, especially ‘Java Black’ and ‘Alphonse Karr’. What other
kinds of clumping bamboo would be appropriate for my area? 

A: I think you’ll have a small challenge keeping these two bamboos alive in
winter. The various running bamboo varieties, in contrast to clumping
bamboo, grow just about anywhere. But in my experience and observation,
clumping bamboo only grows well from the lower arc of I-285 and southward.
Clumping bamboo is easily damaged from cold when young. I have not seen
clumping bamboo growing successfully above Alpharetta. That doesn’t mean
it absolutely can’t grow there, it just means I haven’t seen it. Your location
next to the nighttime heat of the shopping center in winter will add a needed
couple of degrees of warmth to your planting site. If you’re only growing a
few plants, it’s worth the experiment to try both of your selections. Check my
website notes for sources of different bamboo and growing tips at

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